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iSAQB CPSA-Advanced Infrastructure, Container and Cloud Native (CLOUDINFRA)

Course Description

In this accredited iSAQB® Infrastructure, Containers & Cloud-Native (CLOUDINFRA) training, participants will learn the basics of modern software infrastructures. Participants will learn the typical concepts of cloud-native, distributed applications, including containers, microservices, self-contained systems, etc., as well as how to implement common quality requirements of larger applications.

In the CLOUDINFRA training, participants learn the important factors of common architecture types. Moreover, they will understand the trade-offs of architectures in terms of processes, technologies, and organizations. Common cloud providers are also classified. The corresponding approaches for  software development, automation, and application lifecycle maintenance are also discussed in the training.

This training is conducted in cooperation with tectrain.

Seminar goals

  • Design an original, methodically justified design of medium to large IT systems.
  • Assign technical and domain-related responsibility within IT systems of medium to high complexity.
  • Conceptualize, design, and document measures to achieve quality requirements. Assist development teams in the implementation of these measures.
  • Management and execution of an architecturally relevant communication in medium to large development teams.

Course Content

This accredited training is based on the current ISAQB® syllabus for the iSAQB® module Cloud Infrastructure (CLOUDINFRA).

  • Basics of Modern Software Infrastructures
  • Common Architecture Concepts
  • Cloud Native Journey
  • Development, CI/CD and Operations
  • Useful patterns
  • Automation
  • Case Study


The iSAQB® Certified Professional for Software Architecture (CPSA) program offers participants an internationally recognized, standardized training for software architecture.

This training course is part of the Advanced Level Program of iSAQB. By attending this training course, you will receive 20 credit points in the technical area and 10 credit points in the methodological area, which can be credited toward obtaining a Certified Professional Software Architect (CPSA) certificate.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at software developers and architects


There are no mandatory requirements. Attendees should be able to design and develop a small to medium sized software system. You should already have hands-on experience with the maintenance and/or further development of software systems. Participants should also be comfortable working with a container. For an understanding of some underlying concepts, the following knowledge is advantageous:

  • Practical experience or knowledge of developing modern microservices architectures.
  • Practical experience in working with cloud providers, as well as container managers

Course Content in Detail

This accredited training is based on the current ISAQB® syllabus for the iSAQB® module Cloud Infrastructure (CLOUDINFRA).

In the seminar the following topics will be presented and discussed in detail:

Basics of Modern Software Infrastructures

  • Private und Public Clouds
  • Cloud Providers
  • Container, Container Manager, conventional development

Common Architecture Concepts for distributed systems

  • Microservices, Self-Contained Systems
  • Managed Services of Cloud Providers
  • Integration Concepts of Sevices

Cloud Native Journey

  • Cloud Native Concept
  • Container Security

Development, CI/CD and Operations

  • Implementation of application lifecycle management in a cloud environment
  • Monitoring security for distributed applications (alerting, monitoring, logging, distributed tracing)

Useful patterns

  • Container Application Designs
  • Resilience Models


  • Possibilities for automating the creation, enhancement, and modification of cloud infrastructures
  • Container Management Tools and Platforms
  • APIs

Case Study

  • Topics will be reinforced through hands-on exercises..

Benefits of attending an Albion iSAQB training course

  • Highly experienced and accredited trainer:
    • The accredited trainer is an active member of the iSAQB organization and has several years of experience and extensive knowledge in the field of software architecture management.
  • Interactive, practice-based training:
    • Participants experience an interactive training course with practice-based exercises and case studies that, according to former participants, reinforce their understanding of what they have learned.
    • The theoretical content is supplemented with the trainer’s practical experience to ensure course participants not only understand the relevant methods, but also the real-world challenges of their implementation.
    • Active participation and discussions are explicitly encouraged.
  • Industry-standard certifications:
    • Industry-standard certification and recognition of expertise.

Benefits of the Albion live online training courses


Albion is known for its interactive training courses with a workshop character. Whether in-person or live online, Albion training courses encourage the active participation of course participants in discussions and group exercises.

By using the latest online collaboration tools, such as online whiteboards, you will experience a classroom-like environment. During the live online training, participants collaborate to perform practice-oriented exercises and case studies that lead to a deeper understanding of the course material.

Online Whiteboard

Benefits of live online training courses

  • Lower price
    • Lower price for the live online training course compared to the corresponding classroom training.
  • No travel or hotel costs
    • Efficient use of your time and money.
  • Compliance with mandated travel restrictions
    • You can conveniently participate from any location without having to travel.
  • Face-to-face discussions
    • The same opportunities for asking questions and discussing topics as in a classroom training.
    • As with classroom training, active participation of the participants is desired.
  • Participant collaboration
    • Participants can pose questions to other participants and to the trainer 24 hours a day via an online chat during and after the course (e.g., to discuss sample test questions, current project challenges, etc.).

Prerequisites for live online training courses

  • Computer with a stable and fast Internet connection that supports continual video transmission.
  • Suitable webcam.
  • Headset instead of the computer microphone to reduce ambient noise.
  • Modern web browser with good Javascript support.
  • A sufficiently large monitor to view the course slides, a whiteboard and other participants. Additional optional recommendations include a second monitor and a touchscreen with a pen, for example, to draw on a virtual whiteboard.
  • Administration rights may be required to install software, e.g., Microsoft-Teams, Exam-Software.
    • The applications are also available via a web browser; however, these have limited functionality.
  • Participant attendance is mandatory to receive the course participation confirmation.
  • Only one person per computer, no sharing of computers.
  • Please ensure that you can participate undisturbed from colleagues, family members, pets, etc.


Robertino Solanas (in cooperation with tectrain)

Robertino is a trainer, consultant and software architect with a focus on cloud technologies. He studied computer science at the University of Hamburg, grew up with web-based architectures in start-ups and consulting companies and has been working in IT for 18 years. Robertino is currently a consultant for software quality and design at the ITZBund and advises ministries and federal states on their IT projects.


Course Information

3 days, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CET

onsite or online

20 credit points in the technical and 10 credit points in the methodology areas for an iSAQB CPSA-Advanced certificate

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Course Dates: iSAQB CPSA-Advanced Infrastructure, Container and Cloud Native (CLOUDINFRA)

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