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Roger Rhoades

Ask Me Anything

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)

September 9th, 2021.  5 p.m. CET


Enterprise Architecture Management  (EAM) translates the business strategy into an implementation strategy while creating transparency about the costs, benefits, and risks of a digital transformation.

EAM is a complex topic that may not be fully understood by stakeholders, management, or the architects themselves. This session is designed to answer any questions you have regarding EAM. For example:

  • Isn’t EAM dead?
  • What exactly is EAM?
  • Can EAM be used in agile environments?
  • How does EAM differ from software architecture and solution architecture?
  • What is the difference between Enterprise Architecture Management and Enterprise IT Architecture Management?

Whether you’re already experienced with EAM or just beginning, this question-and-answers session with Roger Rhoades will provide you the answers you need.

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For an in-depth coverage of the topic, attend our iSAQB accredited CPSA-Advanced EAM course or the EAM advanced course.

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iSAQB CPSA-Advanced Enterprise Architecture Management:
05.10. to 07.10.2021
20% Rabatt mit dem Code “AMA20”
iSAQB CPSA-Advanced Enterprise Architecture Management:
05.10. to 07.10.2021
20% Rebate with “AMA20” Code
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iSAQB CPSA-Advanced funktionale Softwarearchitektur von
20.09. bis 23.09.2021
EAM-Advanced course covering Capability-Based Planning, Value Streams, Roadmap-Planning, etc.
01.12. to 03.12.2021
iSAQB CPSA-Advanced Soft-Skills für Softwarearchitekten von
21.09. bis 23.09.2021

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05.10. bis 07.10.2021
Architekturdokumentation-Kurs von 25.11. bis 26.11.2021!
30% Rabatt
iSAQB CPSA-Advanced webbasierte Softwarearchitektur von
01.12. bis 03.12.2021
EAM-Advanced-Schulung, inkl. Capability-Based Planning, Wertströme, Roadmap-Planung, etc.
01.12. to 03.12.2021
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